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Vacuum and lifting gear

Today, EUROTECH is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer and developer of vacuum handling equipment.

 Since 2004, we have been designing and manufacturing vacuum grippers with a lifting capacity of up to 20,000 kg. for lifting and moving various loads: wall and roof sandwich panels, glass and double-glazed windows, metal sheets, chipboard sheets, stone slabs, cardboard boxes, bags.

Our vacuum lifting devices are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN 13155 safety standards and have an automatic warning device with audible or visual alarms. This ensures high safety in the work process and protects workers and transported goods.

When comparing vacuum grips with other types of grippers, it has several advantages:

1. Versatility.

Vacuum grips allow you to work with any goods having a non-porous surface.
It can be glass, metal, wood, all kinds of plate materials.
  - the use of additional slings and safety loops, hooks and magnets is not required.
  - the ability to carry out operations even with fragile loads of sufficiently large dimensions

2. The speed of work

Very fast load securing, as well as quick vacuum discharge due to the vacuum receiver and pneumatic valves.

3. Security.

Even in the event of an emergency power off - an instant load drop does not occur due to the built-in receivers and automation, and there is enough time to lower the load.

3. Efficiency

 Reduction of time for cargo handling and minimization of personnel costs.

Advantages of Eurotech vacuum grippers in comparison with other manufacturers.

We use components and components of world famous manufacturers such as:
Becker, SMC, KAMMOZI, Thomas, and others.
Individual design of vacuum gripper for your needs and requirements
Choice of vacuum gripper power - battery, mains, pneumatic network, self-priming
Warranty and after-sales service as soon as possible.