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Diamond core drill Ø 26mm
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Copper Foil 5,16 США (13/64 INCH)

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Stained-glass copper self-adhesive foil with a width of 5,16 mm (13/64), a thickness of 0,032 mm and a length of 33 m. Designed for the manufacture of stained glass windows using Tiffany technology.


Special electrolytic copper foil is used for the manufacture of stained glass windows. The foil has even strength and improved softness throughout its length. On the outside, a hard-resisting, acrylic-based adhesive is applied. The thickness of the folio from 0.025 to 0.032 mm. The roll is 33 meters. For transparent glass, copper folio is used, painted black on the side of the adhesive layer so that the color of the seam (usually black) is in harmony with the color of the stained-glass folio, which will be visible through the face of transparent and translucent glass. Width of copper folio: 3.97 mm, 4.37 mm, 4.76 mm, 5.16 mm, 5.56 mm, 6.35 mm, 7.94 mm, 9.53 mm.

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