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L-Square Milli 1050mm
Article: М-02.08.1050
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Diamond core drill Ø 26mm

Article: M-
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Price: 880.00 grn

Diamond Drill Ø 26mm  for drilling holes in glass, stone. Thread 1/2 " for automatic or semi-automatic drilling machine tool.
Height of diamond layer 8-10mm on  metal ceramic.

Operating Recommendations:

Before the first exploitation the drill is necessary to open the diamond layer  by drilling the drill briefly in abrasive stone  for depth 1-2 mm.
It is necessary to provide sufficient coolant (water). It is also necessary to increase the lifetime of the drill. If there is not enough coolant, it may overheat the drill and melt the edge of the drill bit. In this case it is necessary again to open the diamond layer by drilling the drill in abrasive stone.

It is also important to remember that for drills of different manufacturers must be chosen drilling speed and flow rate of the coolant.

Lenght 75mm
Type 1/2" GAS
Recommended drilling speed  500-1500 RPM
Manufacturer "Euroteh, Ltd", Ukraine
Brand Milli


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